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The Next Chapter for Smart & Inclusive Underwriting

Over the past decade, the credit risk industry has taken small steps towards more inclusive underwriting for universe expansion and portfolio management. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how to overcome technical obstacles and take the next leap to revolutionize underwriting with bank transaction data.

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Watch on demand

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Topics covered include:

  • The hard problems lenders face with cash flow data, and how to solve them

  • The full potential of cash flow data for underwriting

  • Upcoming Nova Credit innovations

Sarah Davies
Chief Data & Analytics Officer
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Kirsten Nicassio
Product Manager
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Sarah Davies
Chief Analytics Officer

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Naga Parvatharajan
Chief Analytics Officer

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Brian Hughes
Former Chief Risk Officer

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Chris Hansen
GM, Cash Atlas Solutions

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Cash Flow Underwriting Summit 

Accelerating the adoption of cash flow underwriting in lending

A first-of-its-kind executive summit dedicated to exploring and advancing the practice of cash flow underwriting in consumer lending.  Industry leaders will share actionable use cases, explore regulatory changes, and discuss the evolution of open banking.